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I am really grateful to have the resources you guys have
put together, and these will allow us to focus on
developing prototypes of some really culturally specific
play items.
James Nash, Landscape Architect, East Timor


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5-Step manual

Everything you need to know to build a playground from start to finish using local tools and materials, and by accessing local skills. Adopting an Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) approach, learn strategies for involving children and community members in a participatory design process, and get guidance on how to plan, budget and fundraise. Discover how to choose appropriate materials; design an age-appropriate, developmentally-stimulating play-space; construct elements safely from local materials; and maintain the playground for years to come.

Safety Manual

Based on the highest standard of European Union playground safety guidelines, our safety manual breaks down the most common playground hazards into an easy-to-understand, pictorial format. Learn how to differentiate good risks from dangerous hazards in order to create a challenging, stimulating playground that gives children opportunities for development and learning. Gain the skills to be able to design your own playground elements and ensure that they meet safety standards.

Cut & Paste Playground Designer

Print out all our DIY playground elements scaled to size. You don’t need fancy software and drafting skills to design a playground - with paper, scissors and glue, you can map out your site, cut out the playground elements you want, and start designing!

Teacher Training Manual

Our “Teacher Training Manual” covers a basic introduction to the importance of play for healthy child development. Specifically focusing on the challenges faced in the developing world, the manual provides encouragement for teachers and childcare workers to use the resources and play traditions within their own culture to support play both inside and outside the classroom. With beautiful illustrations on each page, teachers will be empowered with knowledge about the importance of creating time and space for play for the children in their care.

Loose PartsTraining Manual

Sometimes the best play materials aren't fancy, built equipment, but simply spoons, boxes and rocks. This manual will guide teachers to put together a very low-cost "playground" by creating a "loose parts" box using only locally-found, recycled and natural materials. Download the Loose Parts Manual: www.playgroundideas.org/loose-parts-manual

Inclusive Design Manual

Designing inclusive playgrounds for children of all abilities requires more than simply adding in handicap-accessible elements. A truly inclusive playground facilitates meaningful interactions between children of different abilities and provides opportunities for challenge, healthy risk and mastery for all children.
Deepen your understanding of inclusive design philosophy, and learn strategies for designing playgrounds that welcome and celebrate the unique abilities of all children. The Inclusive Design Manual is meant to be used in conjunction with the “5-step Manual.”

Check out other open-source resources our community builders and Global Play Alliance Members have created. From country specific guides, to tips on community organizing, to manual translations - our community has a wealth of knowledge to share.

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