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No matter who you are or where you are, Playground Ideas exists to support you to create a space for children to play in. Hundreds of individuals around the world have used our manuals and designs to build beautiful play spaces.

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Everything you need to know to build a playground from start to finish using local tools, materials and by tapping into local skills. From meeting safety guidelines to training teachers on the importance of play to designing a site that’s inclusive to all - we've got you covered.

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Over 150 DIY playground element designs, each with step-by-step pictorial instructions anyone can use, regardless of language. All our elements are designed to be built from low-cost or recycled, locally-sourced materials.

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Jane Connell and Josh Jentzsch, Peace Corps volunteers, Bouarfa, Morocco

Neither Jane nor Josh had any experience in playground building when they decided to build play spaces at every school in their host community, but they did it anyway. Soon, news of their work started spreading across the country, sparking a wave of community-built play spaces. Read Jane and Josh’s story on Medium.com.

Mano Cordon, Nicaragua

“Thank you so much for your work, you have inspired us. We wanted to build playgrounds but had no idea of how to until we found you on the web.”

Mano and his family now run the non-profit organisation Fundacion Semillas Amigos de la Ninez, which builds libraries and playgrounds at schools and community centres throughout Nicaragua.

Donna Lundy, Azerbaijan

“I can’t tell you how much all of this has meant to this village. They are within five kms of an active conflict, so most of their lives are consumed with that very fact. To be able to work on a project like this has been wonderful for the morale of this village. The children have loved the designs and now our carpenter has offered to work on all the other playground that may come up. The designs and instructions have been above and beyond anything any of us would have dreamt up ourselves. We now have several other volunteers who want to start similar projects, so hopefully soon more people in Azerbaijan will be accessing the designs. It’s just amazing how cheap everything has been and how many designs we’ve been able to put together.”

See Donna’s Project.

Bret Ingold & Kristin Frasheski, Mexico

“Playground Ideas has been a big part of the work we do. Since the inspiration we felt in 2008 when we first participated on a playground build in Thailand to the first projects of the NGO we helped found, then all the way to today as we get ready to add to the 15 playgrounds we have built in southern Mexico, Playground Ideas has always been there to support us. We have enjoyed sharing and working with them and others in the Global Play Alliance. Together we are all making a real impact globally. I hope you will join the movement, you’re not alone! Playground Ideas and all of us have got your back :)”

Learn more about Bret & Kristin’s NGO, Rise Now.