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You’ve committed your life to creating play for kids – so have we.

The only difference is that we build our play-spaces in some of the harshest places on earth. Research has shown that children learn essential cognitive, social and emotional skills through play. Our on-the-ground research also shows that providing playgrounds in schools increased attendance, concentration and motivation. And most importantly, the children were happier, with greater resilience to take on the challenges that lay ahead. Play is a central part of education – and we know that education is essential to escape the grip of poverty.

Growing up in the developing world is hard. When there are limited resources, it’s often children who miss out. But with your help, we are here to change that.

We partner with the world’s best playground designers and builders to help build amazing playgrounds throughout the developing world while giving you a chance to tell your clients about the difference you are making.

What do we do?
Using best-practice community development principles, Playground Ideas assists communities to design and construct playgrounds to improve the education, wellbeing and long term life outcomes of children. Since 2007, we have helped communities build over 750 playgrounds in some of the most challenging environments for children on earth.

Playground Ideas is continuously fostering a growing alliance with other play-based organizations around the world. This network helps us to constantly learn and improve our practice. It also enables us to efficiently assist both small and large groups on the ground that need support.

Why do we need your support?
Playground Ideas helps more than 400 communities around the world each year build playgrounds, and this work is growing quickly. We are constantly assisting communities and alliance members with their plans, creating new designs and updating our manuals and resources. After five years of operation, things are getting busy and your support will help us to continue this work as we grow.

Your support will help Playground Ideas –

Share: We offer all the plans, safety information and tools for any community to build their own simple playground.


Join: We join with other organisations to train and support their own people to build multiple playgrounds in their region.

How will your business benefit by supporting us?

Firstly, you will receive a full-page advertisement in our play pages directory that links your business with our organization. Depending on your level of sponsorship, you may also have your logo featured on our home page seen by over 10,000 visitors a month – an audience that is continuously growing. We have specially designed a part of our site to advertise ethical companies that have decided to get involved and make a difference, and we will only ever advertise the high-quality companies offering the best in children’s play.

Secondly, we will give you a Playground Ideas pack including a badge and copy to help you write your newsletter, blog or even create a page on your own site. This will help you inform your past and potential clients that for every playground you build, a portion will help us to create playgrounds in some of the poorest places on the planet. This kind of advertising is highly effective because it connects both with the head and the heart.

As we grow, we also want to offer you the opportunity to sponsor particular projects, and if you’re really keen, the chance to help us design playgrounds. You could even have a true adventure by coming with us and actually building a project overseas.

We also have a program that sends high-quality used playgrounds to East Timor and are always in need of recently-removed equipment.

And because advertising is an expense, it’s all tax deductible for you.

Getting on board will be:
* A genuine way to help that is directly related to your passion and field of work.
* A deeper way to connect with your customers and show you have a philanthropic interests centred on the happiness and healthy development of children in the developing world.
* A tax-deductible option that gets your business name out on the web in a place where thousands come to find great play-related ideas.

The communities we work with are smart and resilient, and just need the right support and resources to get them started. Your support will help us to help them while also attracting potential clients to you who know that you care and are contributing to a better world.

Please contact us to discuss your thoughts at [email protected]

Thank you so much for joining with us on this journey, we couldn’t do it without you.

Yours sincerely,

Marcus Veerman

Founder and CEO

[email protected]

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Levels of sponsorship


$99 per month

The ‘Gold’ listing will make a significant impact on over 1000 children, providing the resources their communities need to build beautiful playgrounds while also advertising your business and demonstrating your strong community conscience. This listing will always appear in the top results of searches that fit your keywords and location, so you will be seen. The gold listing also includes your own page on our site to make your business look its best. It also gives you a direct line to Playground Ideas to help set up your page and get everything ready for your own site to maximise the benefits.

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$449 per month 

This listing is for play-based companies that are serious about showing their customers they have a big heart. Platinum sponsors get pole position advertising space on every Playground Pages search page and another ad space at the top of the search page. You will also get your logo right up front on our homepage and, of course, you get a direct line to Playground Ideas if you ever need help.

If you want your business to be seen by thousands of schools, childcare centres, community groups and businesses both in Australia and around the world, this is the ultimate plan for you. Every visitor to the site will know that you are supporting children in need – which is good for the children and good for business. As a special addition, we will also add your name to our Facebook, Twitter and newsletter accounts telling thousands directly that your company is a major sponsor of Playground Ideas and deserves to be supported!

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Get in touch for full Philanthropist sponsorship ($20,000+)

You get everything in the Platinum listing package plus naming rights in the header of every site page and a persistent ad on every search a user does looking for a company. That’s thousands and thousands of warm-hearted, happy customers linking your company with our good work.

We are looking for a serious commitment from a long-term partner that believes in what we do. If you would like to be a part of the heart-warming, serious work of Playground Ideas, please contact us @ [email protected] for a chat. We look forward to changing the lives of children all over the world with you.

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